Resources for Reporters


The Alliance for School Choice is dedicated to providing members of the media with accurate, timely information regarding school vouchers and scholarship tax credit programs. In addition to assisting the media with on-background information, research, data, and analysis, we can arrange interviews with leading school choice spokespersons and with families benefiting from school choice programs.
In addition, the Alliance can also assist national reporters in setting up familiarization tours of participating choice schools so that reporters can gain a firsthand understanding of the benefits of school choice in various communities.
If you are a reporter or academic researcher and you need immediate assistance, please contact Matthew Frendewey, our National Director of Communications, at 202-280-1976 or e-mail him at MFrendewey@FederationforChildren.org.
Recommended Resources for Reporters
Learn about student academic achievement and attainment. Download our briefing paper.
Learn about the benefits of school choice to state budgets. Download our briefing paper.
Download our signature annual publication, the School Choice Yearbook 2011-2012.